2017 - Boom in Selex ES GmbH Aviation Meteorology Solutions continues

2017 - Boom in Selex ES GmbH Aviation Meteorology Solutions continues

The annual review 2017 shows a highly pleasing positive trend in terms of market demand for Selex ES Aviation Meteorology solutions. Especially in the fourth quarter 2017, Selex ES GmbH, a Leonardo company, has won a substantial number of airport wind shear and adverse weather detection systems and related software solutions.


Major contract awards comprise different implementation solutions for the provision of meteorological alerts for the airport surrounding, the aerodrome area as well as the glide slope. Each individual contract embraces a dedicated solution configuration tailored to operational needs and provides fit-for-purpose and concise meteorological information in order to enhance the MET service provision to civil aviation.


The Selex ES solution concept for aviation meteorology, ShearScout®, proved suitable to comply with the individual configuration requirements of the different contracts. ShearScout® has been designed and implemented using SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) derived developments and can be used seamlessly for the worldwide aviation market. ShearScout® includes a dedicated combination of different systems in order to monitor inter alia convection, turbulence, wind shear, and to provide instantaneous glide slope and cross wind surveillance.


For Vietnam (Airports Corporation of Vietnam – ACV), Selex was awarded a contract for the delivery of three combined wind shear detection solutions at Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City international airports, partially comprising of the Selex X-Band weather radar METEOR 60DX, a Doppler Lidar, a ground based Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (Selex is a UCAR originally certified LLWAS system provider), the integrated sensor data processing and display software Rainbow 5, and the Web based decision support and display system Selex SmartWx (Selex Smart Weather).


For Turkey (Antalya airport), Selex was awarded a contract for the provision of a co-located METEOR 60DX / Doppler lidar combination. The sensor data fusion, the collaborative integrated alert on adverse weather conditions, as well as the data distribution and display will be provided by Selex Rainbow 5. 


For Malaysia, we are happy to announce the further extension of our aviation market presence. After the successful site acceptance of Selex ES wind shear detection systems at three Malaysian airports in 2017, Selex ES received a further contract on three METEOR 60DX for aviation purposes in the last quarter of the year. Another contract on three more systems followed in early 2018, comprising of METEOR 60DX, Rainbow 5 and SmartWx, being the integral part for the national wide radar data integration framework.


All contracts include the supply and installation partially along with associated infrastructure, the supply of appropriate spare parts, project management, training and documentation services, and specialized professional services.


Selex ES GmbH is proud to have received these contracts in competition against a pool of international providers, attesting to its outstanding capabilities in the provision of holistic solutions for improved MET service provision for the civil aviation and serving to elevate its brand globally as the leader in the aviation meteorology market.

Selex ES GmbH 11/01/2018