Radar Siting

Radar Siting

Selecting an optimum location for a radar installation is a key element for achieving optimum results with respect to the desired performance of the radar.


The operational coverage of weather radars is not only limited by equipment performance, but also by the Earth’s curvature; the effects of refraction from electromagnetic waves by the atmosphere, and especially line-of-sight obstruction caused by, for example, terrain, buildings and vegetation.


The correct interpretation of the effects of these phenomena is essential for the positioning and operation of weather radars and for the interpretation of radar data and products.


Selex ES GmbH provides correct radar coverage information and offers full support for the following tasks:


  • Selecting an appropriate radar location
  • Determining the optimum height of the radar tower
  • Defining the optimum elevations for the volume scans
  • Selecting the lowest usable radar data for each azimuth
  • Identifying blocked areas to be covered by adjoining radars
  • Displaying coverage information in the radar display
  • Planning and operating netted weather radars
  • Identifying and showing ground clutter areas