Spare Part Management

Spare Part Management

An elaborate spare part management is vital to achieve system availability. Selex ES GmbH offers a number of spare part options to minimize any downtime of the system and guarantee the immediate availability of spare parts.


Spare Part Inventories

Customers can purchase Spare Part Inventories, which let you keep key modules handy to address the most common hardware failures yourself. You don’t need to wait for a technician.


Spare Part Pool

If you don’t want to purchase spare parts up front, but want to guarantee immediate availability of key modules you can join the ‘Spare Part Pool’. For a yearly fee Selex ES GmbH stores critical parts, so you do not have to rely on the delivery times of OEMs.


Spare Part Repair

Return your faulty parts to Selex ES GmbH for possible repair. If the repair makes sense, you get a Selex ES GmbH controlled and approved used part back. Labor and packaging will be invoiced item-per-item.