Radio Relay Terminals

Radio Relay Terminals

The MH500 series is a new generation of radio relay terminals aimed at meeting the requirements of tactical and strategic communication systems. The increasing demand for transmission capacity and reliable data transmission services for mobile applications, together with the continuous narrowing of the available HF spectrum, sets new challenges for high capacity radio relay systems in modern mobile networks.


Available frequency bands

Band I: 225 MHz to 400 MHz
Band III+: 1350 MHz to 2690 MHz
Band IV: 4400 MHz to 5000 MHz


In addition to the standard interfaces, the units are also equipped with an Ethernet port, an HSSI interface (High Speed Serial Interface) and integrated multiplexer with a maximum data throughput of up to 65 Mbit/s. The units are furthermore fitted with SNMP ports, which allow them to be fully integrated into modern network management systems.


Integrated electronic protection measures offer maximum immunity to interference from jammers.


The units are designed for full military deployment and can be adapted to suit different operational profiles, i.e. they are available as a compact unit or split version – which has an indoor unit and a separate outdoor HF unit.