SDR Handheld Radio

SDR Handheld Radio

Based on experience gained during various national and international programs such as JTRS (US) and ESSOR (EU), Selex ES has developed the tactical SWave™ SDR handheld radio.


All variants are based on the same handheld device and are capable of simultaneously transmitting voice communications and data.


This tactical multiband, multifunctional device covers the 30-512 MHz frequency range and supports 5 different waveforms in the VHF and UHF frequency range as standard. This device has been developed in accordance with the latest SCA Standard (Software Communications Architecture) which consequently facilitates expansion with further, future waveforms. The basic device therefore remains unaltered – it is only the waveform that defines its functionality. This makes different operating modes available, depending upon the waveform used, e.g. point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and MANET mode (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network). An integrated encryption capability can be adapted to customer requirements.


The device can be operated inside vehicles using the SWave™ VM-33 vehicle adaptor. Corresponding filters ensure interference-free operation, even when other devices are installed in the vehicle. Lifecycle costs, training and supportability were the driving forces behind the development of this integrated, compact concept.


The new SWave family of handheld radios is of modular design. Maximum device configuration flexibility is achieved on both the system and the modular level, while maximum harmonization is ensured on the hardware and software level. All hardware and software components – that support the same functionalities – are exchangeable.