DMR Indoor Radio Communication System

DMR Indoor Radio Communication System

The ECOS-D DMR radio system family is available with the functions of a personal alarm system (PAS) pursuant to BGR 139. The range of applications in which emergency alarm systems can be used is very versatile and includes the protection of “lone workers” and/or use in “dangerous workplaces” in the areas of correctional facilities, airports, logistics centers, industrial enterprises, railroad facilities, museums and castles.


The radio has been certified in accordance with the requirements of DIN V VDE V 0825-1 and may therefore be set up as a SOLO or simulcast system.


Networking of the simulcast systems is normally based on Ethernet/IP.


The PAS functions are implemented using components supplied by our specialist partner, Schmidt Funktechnik in Göppingen. Specially modified Motorola DMR terminal devices and a central PAS computer are required.


Frequency range

2m and 70cm


Operating mode

The radios are operated in conventional (Tier II) mode and can be configured either as a SOLO radio or as part of a simulcast (master/slave principle) system.



Over the whole area of coverage the following services can be used, provided the appropriate terminal devices are available:

  • Digital voice services, i.e. via DMR (individual call, group call, all call)
  • PAS data service
  • Further digital data services via SDS (short data messages) or IP
  • Analog voice services using existing terminal devices

By adding further infrastructure components, dispatcher services and telephone call services to simple wired terminal devices or to existing extension telephones can be realized.



Subsequent upgrading of SOLO sets to simulcast systems is provided for through the modular design and is achieved by using a corresponding upgrade kit.


The coverage of the trunked mobile radio network can be extended (i.e. through the addition of a further location) or its capacity can be expanded (i.e. by a further radio channel).